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Lauren Howard

NEBOSH Online Conference - Safe, Happy, Healthy. As a Women in Industry, Is It Possible to Have All Three? / 26th October 2022

This session will explore whether it really is possible to “have it all”.

Whilst covering issues specific to gender (such as the bias inherent in statistics and diversity in hiring) we will also explore issues relevant to all, like flexible working policies and how this can influence fairer working environments.

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Online HSE Roundtable - Question Power / 14th September

The session "Question Power" held on September 14th at 4pm explores the challenges of influencing multiple stakeholders, many of whom have different priorities to yours and don’t always see the need for the solutions you are proposing. In this session, we will discuss with input from Karen how best to get your message across, without damaging relationships, using the power of questions.  

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