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Gender Diversity in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has historically been very male dominated, but in recent years, gender diversity in the sector has gained significant attention and leaders within the industry are becoming more aware of the need to promote equality and inclusivity in the workplace. Women can make a significant contribution to the industry – so how can businesses improve gender diversity?

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Candidate Compatibility

Candidate compatibility runs deeper than who fits in with company ‘culture’, it’s imperative to
ensure there is a match between the organisation and the candidate in terms of motivation,
remuneration, career trajectory, and so much more.

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Electric Vehicles - Are They The Best Option?

With the upcoming ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars in the next eight years, electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming the machine of choice for drivers. With nearly 40 million vehicles being driven in the UK, and the cost of fuel skyrocketing as a result of rising fuel prices worldwide, opting for a more eco-friendly vehicle option seems the most logical choice.

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Workplace Benefits & Employee Wellbeing

In the era of ‘The Great Resignation’ following the tumultuous couple of years we have faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, employers are pressed now more than ever to ensure the workplace is a happy one to retain staff that may be at risk of looking elsewhere.

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FMCG Salary Survey

The Executive Network Group’s Network Team has recently conducted an executive-level salary review of over 1,700
profiles, across the central functions of the UK’s manufacturing sector, including food, drink, paper, and packaging.

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Sustainability in Manufacturing

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with environmentalism but is often mistook for being the same thing. The true meaning of ‘sustainable’ runs much deeper – it is often defined as ensuring current needs are met whilst ensuring future generations are afforded the same. Of course environmental factors play a key role when considering how to improve sustainability, but it is also imperative to remember the various other aspects that filter into the wider meaning of sustainability.

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