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Health and Safety Remuneration Report 2023

This year has seen hiring confidence increase across multiple sectors. Recruitment demand has soared in 2022,  which demonstrates real buoyancy in the safety recruitment market following the events of the last few years. Salaries have inflated by an average of 15% to align not only with candidate demand, but the rising cost of living as a result of the geopolitical state.

We have seen candidates feeling somewhat ambivalent during their search process, with many only wanting to progress their career in upwards steps on their trajectory as opposed to accepting offers at the same job level.

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NEBOSH Online Conference Write Up - Safe, Happy, Healthy. As a Women in Industry, Is It Possible to Have All Three?

Associate Director of HSE Recruitment and Executive Network Group, Laura Aucott recently sat down to participate in NEBOSH's Online Conference which set out to explore the topic of women within the Health and Safety space and whether it's possible for female HSE professionals to 'have it all'. To be safe, happy and healthy in their profession.

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Let's Talk About Woodstock '99

Event safety has always fascinated me. As an aspiring rock n roller (surely there is still time for me to become a famous rock god at 35?) I grew up attending ear shattering gigs and festivals where I was probably lucky to escape relatively unscathed. However watching the recent Netflix documentary โ€œTrain wreck: Woodstock 99โ€ I was still amazed at some of the flagrant safety and infrastructure issues shown during the three-episode arc. (Warning spoilers ahead).

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Happy Anniversary to Me!

This week I am delighted to celebrate my 12th anniversary with HSE Recruitment and our parent company Executive Network Group. When I first joined HSE Recruitment with no experience in recruitment or in Health and Safety โ€“ I could never have imagined that 12 years later here I would be; as Associate Director, with an amazing and talented team, and a passion for Health and Safety (and a qualification in the subject!).

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The Halo, Formula 1, and changing public perceptions of Health and Safety

I donโ€™t know if any of my connections are particularly F1 fans (and letโ€™s be honest I know very little about the sport, I am just coerced to watch it by my Lewis Hamilton obsessed husband) but last weekendโ€™s race seemed to me the perfect display of how valuable Health and Safety really can be in genuine life or death situations โ€“ and really showed how interesting the dichotomy is between public perception of safety issues and the reality.

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