Remuneration Report: Fire, Security, Critical Compliance & Data

To enable our clients to navigate the evolving economic landscape, ENG has compiled a salary report for 2022 -in collaboration with our research and insights team at the Executive Network Group. It's been widely discussed that the demand for specialist services talent in this competitive market has impacted overall remuneration, with salaries inflated across multiple sectors. The global pandemic has been a huge catalyst for change, with businesses also adapting their employee benefits offering to attract and retain talent, within our report we also cover the top desired benefits for specialist services and compliance professionals.

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The Challenges of E-Procurement

As the procurement sector continues to thrive and evolve - We move further and further away from traditional procurement methods and strive for innovation.

Over the last couple of years, e-procurement has become a mainstay in the repertoire of CPOs up and down the country - but what exactly is e-procurement and what are the challenges that purchasing professionals face when trying to make the most of it?

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Let's Talk About Woodstock '99

Event safety has always fascinated me. As an aspiring rock n roller (surely there is still time for me to become a famous rock god at 35?) I grew up attending ear shattering gigs and festivals where I was probably lucky to escape relatively unscathed. However watching the recent Netflix documentary “Train wreck: Woodstock 99” I was still amazed at some of the flagrant safety and infrastructure issues shown during the three-episode arc. (Warning spoilers ahead).

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Happy Anniversary to Me!

This week I am delighted to celebrate my 12th anniversary with HSE Recruitment and our parent company Executive Network Group. When I first joined HSE Recruitment with no experience in recruitment or in Health and Safety – I could never have imagined that 12 years later here I would be; as Associate Director, with an amazing and talented team, and a passion for Health and Safety (and a qualification in the subject!).

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The Halo, Formula 1, and changing public perceptions of Health and Safety

I don’t know if any of my connections are particularly F1 fans (and let’s be honest I know very little about the sport, I am just coerced to watch it by my Lewis Hamilton obsessed husband) but last weekend’s race seemed to me the perfect display of how valuable Health and Safety really can be in genuine life or death situations – and really showed how interesting the dichotomy is between public perception of safety issues and the reality.

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Candidate Compatibility

Candidate compatibility runs deeper than who fits in with company ‘culture’, it’s imperative to
ensure there is a match between the organisation and the candidate in terms of motivation,
remuneration, career trajectory, and so much more.

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The Importance of Offboarding in the Construction Sector

Much has already been said about the importance of onboarding procedures. The crucial act of creating an environment where new talent to an organisation can thrive, reach their full potential and settle into a new role can not be understated. It is a key practice that is sworn by Recruitment Directors throughout the industry.

However, the same can't be said for offboarding.

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